Rules and Regulations

I know, I know, LAME!  We are here to have fun, but more importantly this group is designed to help spread the word about Michelle Graves' books.  So here are the rules that must be followed if you wish to be a member of the Street Team:

1)  No one shall talk about Michelle's Mafia (Sorry I just watched Fight Club recently)

2)  All members of the Street Team must be active participants or they will be removed from the group.

3)  For now there will only be 15 slots available on the Street Team.  It is first come, first served.

4) This group shall not Spam people with information about the author daily. 

5) Only information released by the author can be shared and only once per release or request.  No multiple posts will be tolerated.  If you are found to be posting more than once per request you will be removed from the group.

6) No negativity will be tolerated amongst members.  This is a drama free zone.  If you become a negative influence within the group you will be asked to leave.

7)  No review wars will be tolerated.  Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.  While it may be tempting to come to Michelle's defense when a negative review is posted, it is not necessary.  Nor will it be looked upon kindly.  You will be removed from the group immediately.

8)  Have fun.  This group should be about supporting one another as readers and as fellow fans of Michelle Graves.  Feel free to offer up book recommendations within the group and interact as much as you would like.  It isn't all about pimping out Michelle!

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